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The PetroPages Directory was the first industrial buyers guide to go online in 1995. Nearly 20 years later the Directory is still the fastest, most reliable resource for finding suppliers on the web.
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3D Animations, Presentations, Websites, Graphics, SEO, Social Media. See the work of a team of experts in their individual fields, led by an experienced engineer.
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Our unique solution for building brand strength within the industry. By leveraging our connections to industry leaders, we will improve your company's position across social media and improve your rankings in search engines like Google.
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Keep up on the latest news about all the PetroPages apps. At PetroPages we are always working to improve our services. Here you will find helpful information on how to best use our applications and services.
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The ins–and–outs of web hosting can leave you confused and frustrated. We've been providing technical web-based services since 1995. We maintain clients, not just computers.
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We're bringing professionals in the industry together. Whether you're looking for employment or trying to find the right person for the job, we can help.
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What Does Industrial Marketing Look Like Today?

  Throughout my career I have continuously run into people who are confused about what marketing is. Let me start by clarifying what marketing is not! It is not simply throwing your logo on a hat. It is not a salesperson piecing together their own powerpoint. And the biggest...
Creative Industrial Marketing

Creativity and Engineers Don’t Always Mix, But When They Do, It’s PetroPages

Marketing products and services to industrial clients is vastly different than marketing to consumer customers. Let’s take Blue Bell ice cream, for example. When Blue Bell selects a marketing firm, they are not concerned with the firm’s ability to understand the...


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