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(gs) Features


Clusters of Servers Working Together

Each pool of clusters is optimized for a specific task (web services, email, databases and more). With multiple servers handling each task, redundancy is built-in and your sites never have to fight for the resources of a single server. [space height="15"]

Burstable Resources

Your sites are always ready to handle intense bursts of web traffic from Digg, Reddit, Slashdot or any other major source. Our databases automatically scale along with web traffic using the innovative Auto-Scaling MySQL system. [space height="15"]

Isolated MySQL GridContainer Add-On

MySQL GridContainers provide performance-tuned environments and dedicated resources specifically designed for database-heavy applications. It’s like having a mini dedicated server attached to your (gs). [space height="15"]

Meet Utility Computing

Grid Performance Units (GPUs) measure the CPU time used by each request to your (gs) Grid-Service. Built-in reporting breaks down usage by each hit, helping us track down errors and code inefficencies. Your (gs) comes with enough GPUs to power 99% of the sites (mt) has ever seen. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones with massive levels of sustained traffic, additional pay-as-you-go GPUs are there when you need them. [space height="15"]

Webmail with User Controls

Your (gs) account now comes with Mail by (mt). Your mail service also comes with our uControl panel which allows your email users to manage passwords and spam settings on their own! [space height="15"]

LAMP Stack to Brighten any Application

Running all your applications in one place has never been easier! The (gs) Grid-Service features wide support for the latest versions of all major LAMP-based technologies including: PHP 4/5, Perl, Ruby and Python. Choose from the two most popular Open Source database servers including: MySQL 5.1.26 and PostgreSQL 7.4. [space height="15"]

1-Click Installs

Blog, sell, and manage your content with no-hassle installations of top choice web applications. Featured applications include WordPress, Drupal, ZenCart and more. [space height="15"]
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(dv) Features

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Plesk Control Panel

Use the Parallels® Plesk control Panel to visually manage all your server operations in one place. Easily create and maintain domains, databases, email accounts, FTP users, and more from a simple web interface. Access built-in Webmail, web statistics, and one-click installers for WordPress, Joomla, PhpBB, Magento and many more via Plesk's APS Catalog. [space height="15"]

Unmatched Scalability

Scale your (dv) with the touch of a button without any complicated migrations. Automated, 24/7/365 upgrades are just a few clicks away in your AccountCenter, with most upgrades occuring instantly with no downtime. [space height="15"]

Install Anything

Customize your (dv) server to fit your projects. New (dv) servers come standard with modern versions of PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python, Ruby and more pre-installed. But with full root-level access to your server, you can install any Linux-based application, server software, or Operating System components you want. [space height="15"]

Reboot. Repair. Rebuild.

Harness the flexibility of virtualization with the easy to use PowerPanel web interface. Place your server into repair mode so you can resolve common problems. Need a do-over? Optional Snapshot backups are now up to 10x faster than ever before. Want to start from the beginning? Automatically re-provision your server exactly the way it came at anytime. Just need a reboot? Stop, start and reboot your server from anywhere in the world through your browser. [space height="15"]

Premium Resource Isolation

(dv) servers provide dedicated processor cycles, dedicated memory and dedicated storage. Choose the resources you need, share nothing and control it all. Powered by Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, the most efficient OS Virtualization technology available. Keep a close eye on your server's performance with real-time resource statistics including memory, cpu, and network utilization available inside your AccountCenter or from the (mt) API. [space height="15"]

Real-time & Historical Server Status

Every (dv) server includes our exclusive, real-time server status system, providing you with an instant view of your servers health. Monitor an auto-updating stream of your server’s CPU, memory, disk, load and network usage directly from the AccountCenter. [space height="15"]

Looking at Low-end Dedicated or VPS? Think Again.

Would you host your sites from a desktop computer? Why pay a hosting provider to do it for you? Exclusively running on HP Proliant servers with RAID-10 SAS drives and efficent virtualization, your new (dv) easily beats similarly priced dedicated servers and cheap VPS solutions in all aspects of performance, reliability and management. [space height="15"]
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So where does PetroPages come in?

We're here to help! The ins–and–outs of web hosting can leave you confused and frustrated. We've been providing technical web-based services since 1995. We maintain clients, not just computers.

Domain renewals?

Accidentally let your domain expire? Never let it happen again. We'll be glad to optionally take ownership of each domain you host on our servers and cover your renewal fees for the duration of your time with us.

You've hired a new employee…

…how do you get their email setup? Call or write us, we promise a fast turnaround! They'll be up & running usually before you've had a chance to hang up the phone.

Having a problem with your web site or email?

Rely on one source. Call us, we'll answer! (281) 957-0048 We've got the inside track and knowledge to fix these problems with little–to–no involvement on your part. Just let us know when and where you're having trouble.

So you want to start blogging…

…but you don't have a tech saavy kid around to setup your database or install your platform? Let us know, we'll take care of setting up your backend and loading the necessary files so you can get started. Did we mention we keep a social media specialist on staff? Consulting and guidance is available!