PetroPages Industrial Marketing
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So what does all this cost…

Not very much. We’ll get you up and running with all the essentials for around $20/month, although this table may give you a better idea of your total expected costs depending on your organization’s needs. Keep in mind, regardless of the package you choose, email is always and PetroPages at your beck and call, here when you need us.

  • storage 3GB Storage
  • bandwidth 30GB Bandwidth
  • mysql 1 MySQL Database
  • email 30 Email Addresses
  • storage 20GB Storage
  • bandwidth 200GB Bandwidth
  • mysql 20 MySQL Databases
  • email 200 Email Addresses
  • storage 50GB Storage
  • bandwidth 500GB Bandwidth
  • mysql 50 MySQL Databases
  • email 500 Email Addresses
  • storage 100GB Storage
  • bandwidth 1TB Bandwidth
  • mysql 100 MySQL Databases
  • rails 200+ Installable Apps
  • email 1000 Email Addresses

What are you waiting for?

Don’t see an option that meets your needs or budget? We’re happy to discuss custom specs, pricing and figures.