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Industrial Materials Handling

Materials handling is the process of moving, classifying, sizing, packaging and storing solid materials. It is also referred to as solids processing. Materials handling equipment includes agglomeration, classifying, conveying, feeding, packaging, robotics, size reduction, and weighing equipment.

Materials handling processes are an essential part of the plastics, minerals, grain, and ores industries.

Material handling systems include; extruders, bag and drum handllers, conveyor belts, rotary feeders, loss-in-weight feeders, pneumatic conveying equipment, stackers, bucket elevators, loaders, unloaders, mills and more.

Bulk material handling is most commonly the function of transporting material from locations in the processing plant to it's destination for ship, rail or truck transport. Providing storage and inventory control and material blending is also part of a bulk material handling system.

Materials handling systems are prominent in mines, ports, plastics, food processing, iron, steel, and coal fired power stations.

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