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To effectively manage an industrial PayPerClick program it is extremely helpful to understand the product or service that is being promoted. The first step in setting up a PPC program is to develop a comprehensive list of high value keyword strings. Our clients do not have to provide us with this list. Our president is a mechanical engineer and has been in the petrochem industry since 1977. He knows industrial products and how they are searched. With his domain knowledge we prime a couple of software programs that seek out related terms. Again we rely on our in-house expertise to cull through these thousands of keyword strings and provide our clients with a very targeted list from which they can provide their input.

Our market knowledge is not only helpful in determining the keyword strings to include, it is also fruitful in excluding search terms. Our objective is to obtain the greatest value clicks and minimize no or low value clicks. If you’re and industrial products or services provider and have a PPC program or are considering one, you won’t find a more effective PPC management company than PetroPages.

We manage PPC programs for some of the top industrial product/service providers in the world. We’ll be glad to share with you some of our success stories and provide you with references that will be glad to validate the success that our PPC management has brought to their PPC campaigns.

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