PetroPages Industrial Marketing

PetroPages provides a wide-range of industrial marketing services. Below are a few.

  • Define Brand Attributes
    • Interview employees regarding the current brand
    • Interview customers and prospects regarding the current brand and attributes that they would find desirable
    • Learn about competing brands
    • Advise on attributes that should be embraced
  • Sales Process
    • Review current sales process
    • Advise on Sales Process
    • Develop written sales process
  • Develop a list of marketing collateral and activities to promote the brand
  • Develop a Marketing Plan
  • Develop an advertising campaign
  • Define a lead generation and lead nurturing program
  • Develop simple Gantt chart of marketing activities
  • Advise on market segmentation
  • Develop or advise on ad campaign
  • Develop tag line
  • Develop or advise on a Customer Survey

For some of our clients we operate as their marketing department. In those cases we function as an extension of the company. Other clients hire us to perform specific marketing services like support an initial brand development effort or develop the image and messaging for a specific piece of marketing collateral.