PetroPages Industrial Marketing
Our team and our processes provide comprehensive web solutions while mindful of our clients’ time. We begin by understanding our clients’ business and developing a stated image objective for the site. We then begin to develop a look for the front door, create a sitemap and simultaneously develop the keyword strings that will be promoted across the site. After these three are approved, we develop a page descriptions document which contains all of the text that will be included on each page of the site. This document is a great tool to ensure that we have the content that supports the keyword strings that we will be utilizing for our client’s search engine optimization. This process allows us to be efficient and deliver great returns on your marketing investment.
  1. Know it: interview our client
  2. Map it: develop a site map
  3. String it: seach engine optimization (SEO) keyword strings table
  4. Describe it: a page descriptions document for the client to review and update
  5. Build it: development
  6. Love it: ensure that our client loves their new site
[space height="10"] These elements are developed after establishing a clear objective for the overall web site and understanding of our client’s position in the market. After our client approves these elements our dedicated team of professional technicians and SEO experts develop the web site and position the site for client review and approval before going live. We work with clients throughout the United States and Canada. Our web development team is staffed in Houston, TX.

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