We build powerful industrial brands. We understand your industry and take the time to understand your company’s unique offerings to create the strong foundation necessary for great marketing. An effectively developed brand identity is the foundation that helps you differentiate yourself from competitors, and lays the framework for creating and maintaining a cohesive brand.

See how we can power your brand.

Market & Competitor Analysis

Who are they? What makes them so great? Our team understands your market, and we probably know your competitors. 
By analyzing the most successful companies in your industry, 
we find your ideal marketing position (attributes, keywords, messaging, and advertising channels).

Buyer Personas

Have you found your buyers? Let us take on the research and legwork to help you truly understand who you’re selling to, what their major pain-points are, and their typical buying journey so your sales team and marketing message will hit the mark.


Company or
Product Name


What makes you different? Why should people choose you? 
Our decades of industry experience mean we know your market 
and can guide you along the process of finding your brand’s true differentiator, allowing you to stand out from your competition.

Can’t think of the perfect name? Finding the right name for your company or product can be challenging. Let our team of creatives and marketing strategists work together to develop a name that emulates your company’s attributes and resonates with your target market.

Cat got your tagline? Our industry knowledge means we understand your solutions’ differentiator and what resonates with your market. Through our tried & true process, let our punchy, creative team come up with clear, concise, and memorable taglines that drive your message home.