Creativity and Engineers Don’t Always Mix, But When They Do, It’s PetroPages

Marketing products and services to industrial clients is vastly different than marketing to consumer customers. Let’s take Blue Bell ice cream, for example. When Blue Bell selects a marketing firm, they are not concerned with the firm’s ability to understand the chemical processes used to develop their ice cream, the safety standards to which they must adhere, or the environmental considerations at play. While it’s a pleasant idea to have yourself a good ole’ Blue Bell country day with a regular marketing firm, industrial companies need industrial-strength marketing.

Our clients need a firm that understands their offerings and the complexity of their purchasing environment. Their marketing is affected by the primary engineering discipline they serve, whether it’s an MRO or capital investment, whether they sell to an operating firm or EPC, whether they need to be on an approved vendor list, and much more. PetroPages’ unique understanding of our clients’ issues, offerings, and what the players in their target buying audience are looking for is what separates us from other marketing firms.

I’m a mechanical engineer who worked for operating companies and engineering firms from 1977 until 1995. I have functioned as a maintenance engineer, project engineer, project manager, and construction engineer. While my experience is not uncommon among engineers in the process industries, this experience  is exceedingly rare for the founder and president of a marketing firm. In fact, I’m the only one that I know of in this club. Why is that, you might ask? As an engineer trained to see and fix inefficiencies, I saw firsthand how industrial companies were underserved in marketing their services in a meaningful and impactful way. I sought to bridge this gap by utilizing my industrial experience and a team of talented marketing specialists.

The blend of talents at PetroPages gives our clients a winning combination of highly-organized processes, efficient and powerful technology development platforms, gifted graphic designers, top code developers, fabulous 3D animators, SEO experts, social media specialists, and content developers. Combining my lived-in understanding of our clients’ niche markets with our specialized team of marketing professionals, we provide our clients with marketing that makes a difference: PetroPages Industrial Marketing.

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