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How to Find Industrial Suppliers



Navigate to a product category – Click on one of the main categories on the front door of the directory. From there select the more detailed subcategories. Your list of suppliers is whittling down as you select subcategories.

Example: Find a list of Mag Drive Centrifugal Pump suppliers.

Select Pumps > from the front door – then select Centrifugal > from the Pumps subcategories  – then select Magnetically Driven: You are now presented with a list of mag drive centrifugal pump suppliers.


Search for a product category – Type in a description of a product type and our search will instantly begin showing you matches. Select the category and you will be seeing a bidders list.

Example: Find a list of Mag Drive Centrifugal Pump suppliers.

In the search bar type “mag.”  Matching results are instantly displayed below the search bar. Select  “Centrifugal > Magnetically Driven” and you are presented with a bidders list.

Search by supplier name – As you type a supplier name in the search box, matches instantly begin to show.


Call or email us and an industry professional will help you find the supplier(s) you need. Our published database of suppliers is a subset of the database we keep in-house.