PetroPages Industrial Marketing

We help companies understand their current brand perception, the brand attributes that their competition is claiming and the attributes which the market finds desirable. Our industry knowledge and experience is vital in helping define their industrial brand.

Brand development frequently requires interviews with clients and prospects. If you are relying on a company without significant connection to our industry, this becomes a list of questions to an unwilling participant and straight line communication. With us the interview is conducted by an engineer that has been in the petrochem industry since 1977. He has worked for engineering firms and operating companies from maintenance through management of projects in excess of $100MM. Our interview process has certain information we are targeting. But, because we know the client’s products or services and we know the position of the person being interviewed, we can allow the interview to go in directions that are not anticipated.

After collecting data and learning about our clients possible differentiators, we can advise on brand attributes that are desirable and to which our clients can lay a claim.

This brand development effort should permeate all aspects of a business. We use the brand development along with the sales process to define what marketing collateral is needed to efficiently support company. We have an in-house talented graphic design and technology team to develop all marketing collateral consistent with the defined brand.

Define the current brand

  1. What was the intended brand
  2. How is your brand perceived
    1. By employees
    2. By clients
    3. By undeveloped prospects
  3. Identify current and possible differentiators


Define desirable brand attributes

  1. Research competing brands
  2. Stake out an advantageous brand position
  3. Define marketing collateral types that will help establish the new brand
  4. Evaluate all existing marketing collateral