PetroPages is Staying Creative and Productive (Just Remotely)

As we highly value our clients, I want to assure you that the current Coronavirus situation is not materially affecting our productivity. PetroPages has and is taking every step to ensure that we sustain our business operations at peak performance. Fortunately for us, we’ve have had the capability for our employees to work remotely for over 7 years now.

We have many online tools that allow our team to remotely collaborate and communicate. Over time we have developed our own processes to make the best use of these tools. And while that might be too much to get into for this post, I would like to share with you some of the best tools we have found to help smooth the transition to working remotely.

Level One – The Bare Minimum

GMail – IMAP compatible email, calendar, and contacts

Whether you are responding from the office, home or on the road on your phone, you want every message, draft, all of your sent mail, to all be in sync. For that to happen you need all your email to reside on a server (as opposed to your device) and have all your devices pull from that server. If your mail isn’t in perfect sync, you might need to update your mail protocol to IMAP.

G Suite – Online Office Suite

All of our team can access an entire suite of Office apps online. We can easily share, import, export, edit, and comment on every type of common Office file. Word documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, can all be worked on from anywhere, no one ever has to update the software, files are even saved automatically and revisions are kept as well.

Level Two – If You Nail Down Your Process With These Apps, You Might Get More Done by Skipping the Office

Slack – Instant Messaging Platform

Slack is a communication tool that replaces internal emails with channel-driven messaging. Each of our clients has a dedicated channel where all communication surrounding their projects is posted for all team members to see.

Pipedrive – CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

Our account managers are able to easily track leads, deals, calls, and emails from anywhere. The application integrates with email and with the phone app, it is always nearby and ready to quickly capture all relevant client and prospect details.

Redbooth – Online Task Management Tool

All of our team members can access tasks, materials, and manage next steps on all current projects in a central cloud-based software.

Level Three – We Love Our Office, But We Don’t NEED Our Office

Video Conferencing

We are putting the finishing touches on our own cloud-based video conferencing app. This app allows us to have simple and clear video or phone-based meetings, no matter where we are. We’re taking teleconferencing further so that our clients can lead full-scale webinars, lunch and learns, and lead interactive presentations and trainings. If you have a new need for online meetings we strongly recommend that you do your homework and choose the safest, most reliable option out there. Many of the popular offerings out there, are riddled with privacy issues.

Whether In Person Or Not; We Are All in This Together

I hope that in sharing our tools that these will help aid your team in their remote work and beyond. Should you have any questions regarding these tools or our marketing services, do not hesitate to reach out – we are all in this together!

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