All I Want For Christmas Is A Holiday Animation

It’s that wonderful time of year again: family, friends, thanks, giving, and belief. There’s no better time to show your appreciation to your customers and wish them well in the New Year. Today there are several options beyond the classic physical cards, such as e-cards and holiday animations. But how do you decide which option is best for your company? Let’s go over some benefits and examples of physical cards, e-cards, and holiday animations.

Physical Holiday Cards

Physical Christmas cards have been used for decades. They are great to send to an individual to show your personal appreciation or to share a unique message to accommodate a gift. Physical cards are either purchased in bulk or custom-designed. They require some effort in addressing, signing, and applying postage. The bulk-purchased cards are modestly customized. Physical cards are a good option if you have a small customer base that you know personally.

Here are a couple of examples of physical holiday cards that PetroPages has designed:


Holiday E-Cards

While holiday e-cards are a cost-effective way to send a greeting to all of your contacts, you need to pay attention to some dos and don’ts. Don’t cheap out! There are many free services that offer generic cards that come off looking half-hearted. Make sure that the e-card is customized to your company and maintains your branding standards. Do use an email marketing service such as Constant Contact so you will be able to view how many people received, opened and clicked on your card. Having statistics on your efforts is always a plus!

Here are a few examples of e-cards that PetroPages has designed:

KAP Project Services

RPM Services

RPM Christmas e-card

PetroPages Industrial Marketing

Holiday Animations

Holiday animations are the latest technology that can help your company stand out and leave a lasting impression. Animations are custom-designed around your brand and can integrate your industry and products. The animation can be leveraged in several different ways, including emailing it to your contacts, posting it on your website’s blog, uploading it on your YouTube page, and sharing it on your social media channels. As you can see, animations have a much greater reach than physical cards. While one person might see a physical card, you can see that there is a multitude of people who can see your animation. I know what you’re thinking… something like this must cost triple what we spend on physical cards. In reality, when you consider purchasing, shipping, postage, and the time it takes to physically personalize, stuff, and address the cards, animations are quite the value.

Here are a few examples of holiday animations that PetroPages has designed:

KAP Project Services

RPM Services

PetroPages Industrial Marketing

Job Industrial Services

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