Why 3D Animations Just Make Sense For Industrial Marketing

Do you want to showcase a product or service for your business, but you aren’t sure how? When it comes to capturing an audience you have about eight seconds of a person’s attention, so make it count! One way to do that is through 3D animation videos which are especially beneficial when explaining or promoting your products/services in the industrial B2B industry.

Challenges that Industrial B2B Companies Face 

Industrial B2B companies often face significant challenges when presenting to highly educated and risk-averse buyers. These buyers demand detailed information to make informed decisions, and industrial products and services are often complex. 3D animation can communicate complex technical information in a visually engaging and easy-to-understand way. You can provide safe and easy-to-digest media for buyers to learn about your company’s unique and technical offerings. 

3D Animation Vs. Real-Time Video

3D animations offer a unique advantage over real-time video in terms of their ability to convey information in a more detailed and efficient way. With 3D animations, you can easily look inside and explore complex products or systems in a visually engaging and interactive manner. 
A very simple example that illustrates the difference is making up a flange connection. Think about the difference in fast-forwarding a scene where you are showing a gasket being placed between 2 flanges followed by 12 studs and 24 nuts being inserted and tightened one after the other. Contrast that with a gasket dropping into place and all studs and nuts coming in at the same time. The benefit of reduced time is significant and we didn’t even exploit the advantages of cutaways and moving a 3D virtual camera into places you can’t get to with a real-time video camera. 
If communicating your solution clearly and quickly is valuable, you should consider 3D animation. Using 3D animations allows you to do the following:

Quickly Educate 

  • Depict complex solutions and their benefits quickly
  • Control the focus by isolating what’s important

Look Inside 

  • Use cutaways and take the camera inside of processes that are impossible to live video
  • Use color to distinguish between different fluids 

Application Environments 

  • Show pristine environments that are not customer-specific alleviating access to site and propriety information

Where Can 3D Animations Be Used 

When working with our clients we help them leverage their 3D animations in as many ways as possible to get the best return on their investment. These uses can include: 
  • Website
  • Presentations 
  • Social Media
  • Training 
  • Tradeshows 
  • Lunch & Learns 
  • Webinars 
  • Office Lobby/Conference Room Screens 
  • Virtual Reality 

Examples of Our 3D Animations

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