PetroPages Industrial Marketing

Leveraging Digital Business Cards: Gaining a Competitive Edge for Industrial B2B

In the fast-paced world of industrial B2B interactions, conferences and trade shows are a great tool for networking and establishing valuable connections. However, the traditional paper business card has faced tough competition from its digital counterpart in recent years. First...

Building a Powerful Industrial Brand Identity

In today’s hyper-competitive business landscape, industrial companies face mounting challenges to capture the attention and loyalty of their target audience. As customers become increasingly discerning and the market becomes saturated with options, establishing a powerful...
Customer Portal Development

Living Up To The Digital Expectations Customers Have Come To Expect?

In today’s fast-paced digital age, managing and exceeding customers’ digital expectations has become an integral part of thriving businesses. It is evident that customers now demand more than ever instant access and lightning-fast responses through various digital...

Igniting Your Industrial Marketing Campaign Through PPC

Is investing in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) an effective marketing tool for industrial B2B business? With the precision that today’s PPC campaigns offer, the answer is likely to be a resounding “Yes”. With PPC advertising, you can not only drive targeted traffic to your...

Why 3D Animations Just Make Sense For Industrial Marketing

Do you want to showcase a product or service for your business, but you aren’t sure how? When it comes to capturing an audience you have about eight seconds of a person’s attention, so make it count! One way to do that is through 3D animation videos which are especially...

The 5 Biggest Alignment Challenges Facing Marketing & Sales Teams

There’s a reason why talk about marketing and sales team alignment is all the rage right now. It’s the basis of so many important and emergent marketing and sales trends – the move from lead gen to demand gen, the shift to Rev Ops from siloed ops, selling to a committee vs. an...

6 Elements of a Strong Marketing Strategy

Having a strong marketing strategy is an instrumental tool to get your company from where you are now – to where you want to be. While creating a marketing strategy can often be a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be. For every client that we work with each strategy can be...
Creative Industrial Marketing

Creativity and Engineers Don’t Always Mix, But When They Do, It’s PetroPages

Marketing products and services to industrial clients is vastly different than marketing to consumer customers. Let’s take Blue Bell ice cream, for example. When Blue Bell selects a marketing firm, they are not concerned with the firm’s ability to understand the...

3 New Factors That Could Tank Your Rankings in Google’s Next Update

In 2020, Google announced that they would be rolling out their Core Web Vitals update in May 2021. For so many of us, 2020 has come and gone in a blink of an eye, and our focus was not adjusting to a 2021 Google Search update but adjusting to the “new normal.” There...
topic cluster content strategy

5 Simple Steps To Develop A Topic Cluster Content Strategy

5 Simple Steps To Develop A Topic Cluster Content Strategy When trying to win the top spots on the Google battlefield, it’s critical to have an organized approach to content development. An outline that develops pillar content with topic clusters will support and drive your...