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Is a Strong Brand Important for Industrial Business to Business Companies?

Is a Strong Brand Important for Industrial Business to Business Companies?

Shaping an industrial B2B brand is very different than a B2C business such as Ford or Starbucks. Your brand needs to resonate with a very specific demographic that is making decisions in a radically different environment than a retail consumer.
How to Share Your B2B Blog on Social Media the Right Way!

How to Share Your B2B Blog on Social Media the Right Way!

Most companies realize the importance of social media in the B2B market, but what they don’t realize is how important it is to share your blog on social media the correct way. What Is A Blog? Some companies might think that a blog is pointless and doesn’t contribute to turning...

Better, Faster, Stronger Marketing Through Agency / Internal Team Collaboration

I bet your wondering why you would need an agency if you already have an internal marketing team right? Well the short answer is that we can make your marketing better, faster, stronger... sorry didn't mean to go all Kanye on you but it's true! Allowing our team of experts to be...

Is Your Website Considered “Secure” By Google?

What Is All This Fuss About HTTPS And Why Should You Care? Well I am here to break it down for you on how this small change to your website to be considered “Secure” by Google, can impact your company’s credibility, website performance and ultimately sales. Sounds...

Making The Most Out Of Conferences

We’ve had several companies contact us asking “how do we get more people to visit our booth”. In our eyes, conferences are about building relationships and making meaningful / memorable interactions. There is no one email, giveaway item, or mixer that is going to build...
High Performing Website Design

Why A High Performing Website Is Vital For Businesses

Your boss just told you that you need to find a solution to a problem, what is the first thing that you do? Well if you’re like 98% of other Americans, you Google it! You then sift through the top results and visit company websites to research if they can provide a solution and...

Toys for Tots

This year’s Toy Drive is officially complete! Thank You to every person who has generously donated to our annual toy drive supporting Toys for Tots. These gifts are going to make some very special children in Galveston County very happy on Christmas Day. Each year, The...

New Building Sign

We are all enjoying our new building. All of the moving and most of the settling in is behind us. We just had a very exciting day as our new building sign was installed.

PetroPages will be at the 45th Turbomachinery Symposium

PetroPages will be at the 45th Turbomachinery Symposium on September 12-15 at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Stop by Booth 2832 and check out our marketing and creative services. While you’re there, take a turn at our Blackjack table and you could take home a $100...

Google Removes Sidebar Pay-Per-Click Ads

Right Bar Google Ads are Gone Google recently eliminated all right side ads. They also made up to 4 top ad positions available. They left the bottom 3 ad positions. Basically, this reduces the previous 11 ads per page to a maximum of 7 ads per page. The change makes a significant...